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IBM SmartCloud Virtualized Server Recovery

IBM SmartCloud® Virtualized Server Recovery is a secure, fully managed disaster recovery solution that incorporates IBM’s world-class cloud infrastructure. The solution offers two tiers of service to accommodate a range of business needs and budgets:



This tier employs dedicated, always-available virtual machines to help ensure the most rapid recovery for mission-critical servers. Gold-tier clients can achieve a near-zero recovery point objective (RPO) and a recovery time objective (RTO) of about one minute from client-initiated failover.



The Silver tier uses shared resources to help reduce costs, but still enables a 30-minute RTO and a near-zero RPO. This tier is ideal for companies that want high-speed failover and failback capabilities, but do not require an “always available” infrastructure.


IBM SmartCloud® Virtualized Server Recovery service provides world-class automation and cloud tools to help speed recovery times and increase the reliability of your server recovery.

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Benefits of Virtualized Server Recovery Managed Service

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With the IBM SmartCloud Virtualized Server Recovery solution, your server configuration operating system, application software and associated data are replicated to one of our IBM resiliency centers over the Internet or through a designated network connection. To help optimize speed, data is replicated to the closest of our 165 global IBM resiliency centers running IBM SmartCloud Virtualized Server Recovery, while the entire IBM network of secure centers offers added resiliency and backup capabilities.

The IBM SmartCloud Virtualized Server Recovery solution has multiple features that make it both robust and easy to use, including:

Why IBM?

IBM has the experience and expertise needed to help you implement the disaster recovery solution that fits best with your company’s business needs and budget. Our advanced global cloud infrastructure and extensive knowledge of Indian industries and business requirements makes IBM the best choice for all your IT disaster recovery needs. For more information about IBM SmartCloud Virtualized Service Recovery, please contact: +1 800 425 3333 or 0802 678 8990


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