Reduce SAP complexity

Consider a managed cloud solution for agility and lower TCO


SAP complexity

SAP business applications are critical to many organizations throughout India. But as SAP technology proliferates and is customized throughout the enterprise, complexity increases. The issue is only compounded as businesses grow and change, and many business leaders wonder where and how it will end.

The ever-upward spiral of complexity in an SAP environment can lead to multiple business costs:

SAP complexity Business cost
Absorbs a large number of skilled workers Fewer resources available for innovation and strategic projects
Leads to slow provisioning and service delivery times Reduces agility
Creates an inflexible, difficult-to-scale enterprise Doesn't support business growth
Hinders visibility between various SAP applications and instances Limits ability to control and optimize service quality
Requires increasing amounts of time and money to manage and maintain Increases total cost of ownership (TCO)

Easing the burden

Moving your SAP applications to a managed cloud service can help you halt the spiral of complexity and ease your business burden. The best managed cloud services for SAP on the cloud enable you to:

  • complexity-thumb-reduce-tco.png

    Reduce your TCO...
    by shifting infrastructure, maintenance and operations costs from capital expenditures (capex) to operational expenditures (opex) with a managed service.

  • complexity-thumb-faster-provisioning.png

    Facilitate faster provisioning...
    with self-service portal delivery, standardization and automation.

  • complexity-thumb-improve-quality.png

    Improve quality of service...
    with exemplary service level agreements (SLAs) and around-the-clock, skilled SAP-certified staff.

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