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The digital world carries rewards and risks. Here are some tips on being safe and social. Watch the video.

In a recent IBM survey of 3,800 consumers in six countries, 59 percent of respondents said they use social networks regularly for communicating with friends. Social networks are giving people new ways to develop relationships, gain insights, share ideas, build reputation, collaborate, and more.

At the same time, people and organizations face ever more savvy attacks from cybercriminals. According to the IBM X-Force team, attackers are increasingly impersonating social networking sites to entice victims to click on malware-infested web links.

Sharing our knowledge
The following infographics and video offer tips from IBMers on how to be social, smart and secure in the digital world. We encourage you to share these with your friends, family members and colleagues as we all continue to learn together.

Additionally, IBMers around the world are volunteering in their communities and sharing educational materials with parents, teachers, and students about how to manage digital reputation and recognize and address cyber-bullying. The materials are available here for your use, and if you are interested in having an IBM volunteer speak to your organization about these topics, please contact