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2022 IBM Fellows

Six experts join IBM’s best and brightest. Meet the 2022 Class of IBM Fellows.

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    Vita Bortnikov

    IBM Fellow, Multicloud Networking and Software-Defined Infrastructure

    “I’m a very practical person. I find it exciting to address real pain points, build systems and see the value delivered by our solutions.”

    Vita is a world-class expert in distributed systems — a critical discipline in computer science with applications to cloud computing and beyond. Her passion lies in combining theory and technology to bring about practical innovations for large-scale systems. Toward this end, she specializes in high availability, robustness and scalability applied to enterprise solutions.

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    Jerry Chow

    IBM Fellow, Director of Quantum Infrastructure

    “I was in college when I first encountered quantum physics, and it drew me in right away. It was hard, mysterious, counterintuitive.”

    Jerry is a world-renowned experimental physicist who has led IBM’s quantum computing hardware toward cloud deployment. His work on 2-qubit gates and large-system calibration, stability and integration has sparked a worldwide evolution of quantum computing from research stages to systems development and deployment. He has led IBM’s experimental effort, from initiating breakthroughs in hardware metrics to scaling up stable systems that enable high-impact science and that are widely available through the cloud.

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    Christian Jacobi

    IBM Fellow, CTO System Architecture & Design, zSystems

    “Be comfortable being uncomfortable — it will lead you in new directions.”

    Christian is a leading innovator in IBM zSystems hardware development, and has led the definition of the architecture, new functions and accelerators for several generations of IBM zSystems — driving optimization of each generation across the entire hardware/software stack. He is a transformational leader inside IBM, and a sought-after mainframe expert who is called on regularly to advise clients and senior executives.

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    A B Vijay Kumar

    IBM Fellow, CTO, Hybrid Cloud Management and Platform Engineering Services

    “You need to understand people’s capabilities and align them to the goal. You need to be a good listener but really, being a good human is more important than anything else.”

    A B is a widely recognized thought leader in hybrid cloud platform solutions for IBM clients, helping lead the way for their digital transformation journey. With expertise in platform engineering, SRE, AIOps and hybrid cloud platform technologies, he is renowned for transforming engineering delivery and for advancing how IBM Services sells and delivers digital and hybrid cloud services by creating an integrated “One IBM” cloud-native approach. A B led the engineering and delivery of all applications for the Apple+IBM partnership, and drove the transformation of Hybrid Cloud Management by implementing next-generation cloud engineering practices.

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    Marcel Mitran

    IBM Fellow, CTO Cloud Platform IBM zSystems

    “My career has been focused on driving what’s next and embracing the new instead of hanging onto what has already been done. Growth will be driven by the future, not the past.”

    “I built my career by pushing the boundaries and challenging de facto standards,” said Marcel. “Early in my career I had responsibility for Java on zSystems, when many believed Java didn’t belong on it. I had to understand not just technology, but the market pressures in that space, and then evangelize inside IBM and with clients, to help all see the value and believe they’d succeed with it.”

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    Rosalind Radcliffe

    IBM Fellow, IBM Fellow, CTO of CIO DevSecOps and Application Modernization

    “When I started, I saw women in senior management, but very few as senior technical leaders. I want to help inspire young women to pursue whatever they enjoy doing and know they can achieve it.”

    Rosalind is the recognized industry leader in bringing DevOps to z/OS at IBM’s largest clients. Her visionary leadership and technical innovation brought common development practices and open-source tools to z/OS, driving product innovation and changes that facilitated digital transformation. Most recently, she is driving the overall DevSecOps and application modernization transformation across IBM’s own enterprise IT and will continue expanding this effort, with the goal of making the IBM CIO office the premiere showcase for hybrid cloud: IBM’s “Client 0.”

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