IBM Fellows

Fellows are the standard-bearers for IBM’s technical and scientific leadership

Rachel Reinitz

CTO, IBM Bluemix Garage
IBM Hybrid Cloud
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
Master of Engineering, Systems Engineering, University of Virginia

Rachel helped found eight IBM Bluemix Garages combining IBM Design Thinking, lean startup, DevOps and cloud technologies to transform how clients design and deliver applications.

We believe in going fast, going big and driving rapid client success, all while delivering value to IBM.

What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of achieving a level of balance between work and personal success with my colleagues, family and friends. I’m also proud that I’ve raised a caring, confident and enthusiastic 12-year-old daughter and that I have a wonderful group of friends.

The pinnacle of my IBM career was founding and building the first IBM Bluemix Garage from scratch and, with a great group of IBM leaders, developing a compelling garage methodology and experience for our clients. We have grown a very talented team across the world with eight garages and more coming soon. I’m proud the garage has a reputation for delivering great client experiences. We believe in going fast, going big and driving rapid client success, all while delivering value to IBM.

Advice for tackling tough problems?

Understand and respect different points of view. It’s really all about relationships — don’t approach things from a transactional standpoint; instead think of relationships — build trust to get to a solution together.

Greatest influence in your life?

My mother. She knows nothing about technology. My mom believes in standing up for what you believe in. She taught me to treat people equally and to be true to your own values. This has given me a strong moral compass and sense of self. One reason I like working for IBM is our strong code of integrity and ethics. I’ve also had outstanding mentors who have been incredible in providing advice and opportunities that have helped me grow my skills and career while having fun.

Current project that excites you most?

I’m co-leading a first-of-a-kind project with a financial services client that I’m very excited about. I’m working with other parts of IBM to bring a new agile transformation program to clients using IBM’s own agile and DevOps transformation and the IBM Bluemix Garage method. I can’t share a lot of details now, but more to come!

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