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11 experts earn elite status

Collectively, they are responsible for more than 10 percent of IBM’s entire patent portfolio and breakthroughs from Mark I to Watson. The 2016 class of 11 IBM Fellows carries on that tradition with groundbreaking achievements in cognitive computing, security, healthcare and genomics, the mainframe, as well as cloud and analytics. Meet the technical leaders who join 267 of their colleagues over the last 53 years as some of the most-creative engineers and scientists IBM — and the world — has known.

Meet this year’s Fellows

Mac Devine

Mac is the CTO for the IBM Cloud’s emerging technology and advanced innovation team focused on hyper-scale workloads such as Internet of Things and Video Cloud Services.

Blaine Dolph

Blaine has always tinkered with computers, back to his first Commodore 64. The master inventor’s latest projects now include building enterprise apps — and kits to build those apps — with Apple.

Stacy Joines

Stacy is a pioneer in computing performance. Thank her the next time your favorite retailer’s website works perfectly on Cyber Monday. She’s now applying this expertise to Watson.

Shankar Kalyana

Shankar has worked for IBM in the US and India, where he has driven billions of dollars in impact, across solutions for cities, banks, automotive and other industries.

Adam Kocoloski

Adam became an intrapraneur when IBM acquired his company, Cloudant. Now he’s building IBM’s data and analytics platform in the cloud, with a renewed embrace of open source technologies and development practices.

Bill Kostenko

Bill earned engineering chops as a teenager, making mechanical drawings of aluminum die castings for his father’s business. Now, he's the chief engineer for today’s modern mainframe, the z13.

JR Rao

JR is at the forefront of some of IBM’s biggest security breakthroughs, including side-channel cryptanalysis that protects devices from leaking their cryptographic keys.

Salim Roukos

When Salim moved to the US from Lebanon, it was “like going from Earth to Mars.” Since joining IBM, he has built machines that translate any language on Earth … and maybe someday, Mars.

Ajay Royyuru

Ajay has been at the forefront of IBM’s genomic work, including leading the Genographic Project, which collected and analyzed hundreds of thousands of DNA samples to study human migration patterns.

Gosia Steinder

While still an intern, Gosia worked on and published a paper about an early version of cloud computing technology — well before it was called “cloud.”

Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood

One of Tanveer’s earliest inventions was the vacuum cleaner robot, prototyped during the 1988 MIT AI Lab Olympics, whose current form is the Roomba in the market these days.

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