A constant state of innovation

Digital is the wires, but digital intelligence, or artificial intelligence as some people call it, is about much more than that. This next decade is about how you combine those and become a cognitive business. It’s the dawn of a new era.


2012 year-end from continuing worldwide operations

$104.5 billion
Net income:
$16.6 billion
Total assets:
$119.2 billion
Number of employees (worldwide):
Stockholders of record:

* All dollar figures are US

A closer look at IBM

At IBM, we strive to lead in the creation, development and manufacture of the industry’s most advanced information technologies, including a wide range of technology and consulting services. A broad portfolio of middleware for collaboration, predictive analysis, software development and systems management; and the world's most advanced servers and supercomputers. Utilizing its business consulting, technology and R&D expertise, IBM helps clients become "smarter" as the planet becomes more digitally interconnected.

We translate these advanced technologies into value for our clients through our professional solutions and services businesses worldwide.

IBM was incorporated in 1911 in New York as the Computer Tabulating Recording Company, with a product line that included clocks, scales and punch card tabulators. In 1914, the company changed its name to International Business Machines (IBM), reflecting its growing operations in Europe, South America, Australia and Asia.

Today, IBM is the world’s leading information technology company, offering a range of integrated solutions, products and services unmatched by any other IT company.

Humble Beginnings

On 26 May, 1937 IBM began operations in Indonesia under the name of Watson Bedriffsmachine Java NV. The first machine we sold was a data processing machine to Staat Spoorwagens - a government owned Train Company in Bandung during the first era of computerization in Indonesia.

In 1953, Watson Java NV became IBM Indonesia Ltd, NV and the number of IBM clients continued to grow. Some of our earlier clients include PT Stanvac in Palembang bought IBM 1401 in 1962, we sold a S/360 - 30 to the Indonesian Police Department and PT Caltex Indonesia in 1969, installed the ticketing system at the Garuda Indonesian Airways in 1973.

In 2002, we acquired Price Waterhouse Consulting and formed IBM Global Business Services. Later in 2003, we established PT IBM Jasa Teknologi Informasi to enable us to deliver IT services and better support our clients.

We sold our PC business in to Lenovo in May 2005 and acquired nearly 108 software companies since 1995. Familiar names include Lotus Development Corporation, Tivoli Systems Inc, Cognos, a leading provider of business intelligence and performance management solutions. These acquisitions have positioned us as as the #1 Middleware player in the world and has allowed us to play an active role in supporting our clients integrating the various applications and systems in their enterprise.

After 77 years of bringing our progress through innovation, IBM Indonesia has over 1,000 clients, 100 business partners and four service center offices as well as 13 service points with offices in Jakarta, Bandung (West Java), Surabaya (East Java) and Medan (West Sumatera). Some things changed over the years, but the fundamental things remained. IBM’s strategy is one of innovation, transformation and a constant evolution to higher value. The company delivers innovative solutions, software and infrastructure to improve client outcomes. The company helps enterprises apply technology to capture new value across their entire organizations, and it provides a differentiated client experience through a highly engaged and skilled global workforce and a broad ecosystem of partners. The ultimate goal of this strategy is to deliver on IBM’s purpose of making our company essential to clients, employees, partners and communities. Our commitment to products and services excellence has not changed and more important, our high standard of ethics and integrity has stayed firmly intact.

These three strategic imperatives shape our approach as we continuously transform IBM and align the company for higher value is to make markets by transforming industries and professions with data, remake enterprise IT for the era of Cloud and enable 'systems of engagement' for enterprises; and lead by example. We are making a new future for our clients, our industry and our company.

In early 2014, IBM Indonesia was named Most Admired Company in the IT Category by Warta Ekonomi Magazine, repeating the same award back in 2013 and 2010. In the same year, we won the Top Data Center Solution 2014 in the ICT Expo. In 2013, IBM Indonesia was also awarded the Importer Company Award from the Directorate General of Customs and again in 2011. In 2008, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono recognized IBM Indonesia for its contribution to the Aceh and Nias disaster relief efforts.

IBM Corporate Citizenship

IBM’s deep commitment to drive innovation in all communities where it operates resonates in the company’s Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs (CC&CA) programs that strategically employs IBM’s technology and expertise for the improvement of education and address other locally relevant issues. Among its award-winning programs are KidSmart Early Learning Program, eMentor teacher training program (2007), Computer Eyes (2002), Corporate Service Corps (2010),

In the past we have rolled out the IBM KidSmart program to more than 13.000 schools in almost every part of Indonesia and impacted over 250.000 students. Our contribution includes hardware, software, early childhood learning education content and teachers training.

We contributed to disaster relief efforts in Aceh after the Tsunami disaster. We developed SIMBA (Sistem Informasi Bencana Aceh) to track displaced persons and to managed logistics. Our support included 250 units of IBM ThinkPad, several servers, communications devices and our expertise, which we applied to the design and implementation of systems.

In 2016, we worked with Yayasan Mitra Netra in building digital library with books that can be accessed by the blind, and to date we became volunteer in teaching “how to code” to the blind. We successfully deployed cancer application through our collaboration with Yayasan Onkologi Anak Indonesia in 2017 with the aim to create an ecosystem for everyone who care about cancer.

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