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Biography for Yukako Uchinaga*

Ms. Yukako Uchinaga is Vice President, Yamato Software Development Laboratory located in Yamato, Japan since July 1st, 1999. She focuses on the world wide development of Pervasive Computing Software, Web Tooling, and Solution Technologies. She is providing IBM values to customers through integrating SWG software and offering Services.

Prior to assuming this position, she was Vice President of Multi-industry Solutions with IBM Asia Pacific, and she led development teams of Software Solutions as a head of AP Products. She was responsible for AP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) business, providing core assets in this area and related services, by integrating Business Intelligence, Customer Access, Customer Center, Intelligent Middleware, Workgroup and Content Management.

Ms. Uchinaga joined IBM Japan in 1971 after graduating in physics from the University of Tokyo. She held several management positions in development and marketing, and was appointed Director of Asia Pacific Products in 1989 and General Manager of AP Cross Industry in 1995.

In 1998, she was appointed General Manager of Services Offerings, a third responsibility in addition to those of Cross Industry marketing and AP Products development.

Ms. Uchinaga has been a member of IBM Japan's board of directors since 1995. Also, she was an advisor to Japanese government as a member of the Council for Health Science with the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare, and the Council for Gender Equality of Japan Prime Minister's office. In 2001, she is a member of the Council for Education with the Japanese Ministry of Education and Science.

Ms. Uchinaga is a member of Women in Technology International (WITI) Hall of Fame from 1999. She is the fist woman inducted from outside of the States. She is a co-leader of the IBM Asia Pacific Women's Council and a member of Global Workforce Diversity Council.

* Biographical information current as of June 2003