Ruth Amonette

Biography for Ruth Amonette*

Ruth Leach Amonette was IBM's first woman vice president. A University of California graduate, she joined IBM in 1939. After a brief stint as an IBM Systems Service Representative installing and maintaining IBM equipment at customer sites, she was promoted to an Instructor position in the company's department of Education. In 1941, she became IBM's Secretary of Education for Women, and subsequently was promoted to manager of the IBM System Service Department. In recognition of her accomplishments in that role, she was elected Vice President by the Board of Directors in 1943. She resigned from IBM in 1953.

Ms. Amonette's business achievements garnered her national attention, and she was a widely sought after speaker by professional and business organizations. She received honorary degrees from several colleges, and in 1945 was recognized by the Women's National Press Club in Washington as the outstanding woman of the year for the field of business. She subsequently penned her autobiography, Among Equals: A Memoir: The Rise of IBM's First Woman Corporate Vice President.

* Biographical information current as of June 2003