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Biography for Diane Pozefsky*

Diane Pozefsky joined IBM in 1979 and in 1994 was named an IBM Fellow in recognition of her work on networking architectures and development. Diane's career has focused on designing better networks for corporations. Her work began in the early eighties, working on the networking technology then employed by the majority of large corporations.

Diane's work, driven by the introduction of personal computers and enhanced capabilities allowing the addition and movement of data, transformed the technology to one that allowed networks to change and adapt more easily. This work allowed SNA networks to grow with customer needs and provide immediate connectivity when new users and machines were added.

In the early nineties, as corporations moved toward TCP/IP networks, Diane developed the AnyNet technology, which broke the barriers between the two networking technologies. This technology allowed programs designed for one type of network to work on the other and allowed users to build networks that employed either or both technologies. In the late nineties, Diane changed her focus to building networks for the 1998 Nagano Olympics and the IBM Corporation. She also worked in mobile computing, storage networking and with Lotus before her current assignment as a visiting professor at the University of North Carolina.

Outside of her regular job, Diane is heavily involved in the IBM Academy of Technology, an organization comprised of technical leaders in IBM. She is also active promoting National Engineers Week and Women in Technology conferences for the corporation and in North Carolina.

Diane received her Sc.B. from Brown University and her Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She lives in Chapel Hill with her husband-- who also works for IBM-- and a household of assorted pets. Her daughter is a sophomore at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. Outside of work, Diane is involved with wildlife rehabilitation and enjoys reading, walking and travel.

* Biographical information current as of June 2003