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Visit the featured exhibit on the homepage for a close up view of interesting moments in IBM history. And check back again from time to time to see the latest Featured Exhibit.

This permanent exhibit provides a selective decade-by-decade/year-by-year overview of IBM history. For more detailed information, visit our Documents section where you will find materials containing a comprehensive list of key events and developments in IBM business performance, organization, products and services, alliances, science and technology, facilities and corporate citizenship.

This page provides a handy way to tour our current Featured Exhibit and all of our previous exhibits on such topics as early desktop computers, robotics, special products and IBM attire.

This page houses helpful materials with year-by-year highlights of IBM history; IBM and information technology terminology; IBM time and weighing equipment, such as dial and card recorders, and scales; and a range of other topics in the form of frequently asked questions arranged by subject.

The materials in the Documents section are available in the popular PDF format so that you can quickly download, search by key word or number, and print.

Visit this page to hear some of IBM's chairmen discussing key issues of their times and to listen to IBM's rally song, "Ever Onward."

Useful information about IBM -- its products, technology and achievements -- and about computer history in general is available on IBM and other Web sites. You can get there quickly by clicking on the site names provided by our Helpful links page.

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