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Cross References
validation n. The checking of data for correctness or for compliance with applicable standards, rules, and conventions.
value 1. n. A specific occurrence of an attribute; for example, "blue" for the attribute "color." 2. n. A quantity assigned to a constant, a variable, a parameter, or a symbol.
value add n. An improvement in function or performance.
vendor n. A company or person that either supplies a product or service to IBM or supplies something to IBM customers.
version n. A separately licensed program that usually has significant new code or new function.
video graphics adapter (VGA) n. A computer adapter that provides high-resolution graphics and a total of 256 colors.
videodisc n. A disc on which programs have been recorded for playback on a computer or a television set; a recording on a videodisc. The most common format in the United States and Japan is an NTSC signal recorded on the optical reflective format.
viewport 1. n. A predefined part of the display space. 2. n. In the 3270 Information Display System, an area on the usable area of the display surface through which an operator views all or a portion of the data outlined by the window on the presentation plane.
virtual address n. The address of a location in virtual storage. A virtual address must be translated into a real address in order to process the data in processor storage.
virtual machine (VM) 1. n. A virtual data processing system that appears to be at the exclusive disposal of a particular user, but whose functions are accomplished by sharing the resources of a real data processing system. 2. n. In VM/ESA, the virtual processors, virtual storage, virtual devices, and virtual channel subsystem allocated to a single user. A virtual machine also includes any expanded storage dedicated to it.
Virtual Machine/Enterprise Systems Architecture n. An IBM licensed program (VM/ESA) that manages the resources of a single computer so that multiple computing systems appear to exist. Each virtual machine is the functional equivalent of a real machine.
virtual storage n. The storage space that may be regarded as addressable main storage by the user of a computer system in which virtual addresses are mapped into real addresses. The size of virtual storage is limited by the addressing scheme of the computer system and by the amount of auxiliary storage available, not by the actual number of main storage locations.
Virtual Telecommunications Access Method (VTAM) n. IBM software that controls communication and the flow of data in an SNA network by providing the SNA application programming interfaces and SNA networking functions. An SNA network includes subarea networking, Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking (APPN), and High-Performance Routing (HPR). Beginning with Release 5 of the OS/390 operating system, the VTAM for MVS/ESA function was included in Communications Server for OS/390; this function is called Communications Server for OS/390 - SNA Services.
visibility n. Kudos, importance (as in: "This project has very high visibility.").
visionary n. Someone who reads outside literature.
VM See virtual machine.
VM/ESA See Virtual Machine/Enterprise Systems Architecture.
volatile storage n. A storage device whose contents are lost when power is cut off.
VTAM See Virtual Telecommunications Access Method.
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