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Cross References
object 1. n. In object-oriented design or programming, a concrete realization of a class that consists of data and the operations associated with that data. 2. n. An item that a user can manipulate as a single unit to perform a task. An object can appear as text, an icon, or both. 3. n. In Tivoli NetView for OS/390, the part of a NetView command that follows the verb. The object describes where the action of the verb is to occur.
object code n. Output from a compiler or assembler which is itself executable machine code or is suitable for processing to produce executable machine code.
octal 1. adj. Pertaining to a selection, choice, or condition that has eight possible different values or states. 2. adj. Pertaining to a fixed-radix numeration having a radix of eight.
octet n. A byte that consists of 8 bits.
OEM See original equipment manufacturer.
Off n. A choice that appears in the cascaded menu from the Refresh choice. It sets the refresh function to off.
offering n. A product release.
OfficeVision Series n. IBM's family of office application programs that can be used for office tasks such as creating, sending, receiving, and filing electronic mail.
offline 1. adj. Not online. 2. adv. Later, in private (as in: "Let's take that offline" when used by speakers of whom a question has been asked for which they do not know the answer).
offsite meeting n. A meeting not held at an IBM site (facility). Meetings are held offsite either for pragmatic reasons or for emotional effect.
OK n. A push button that accepts the information in a window and closes it. If the window contains changed information, those changes are applied before the window is closed.
online adj. Of some peripheral device (e.g., printer) connected to, attached to, or controlled by a computer.
open 1. n. A break in an electrical circuit. 2. n. To make an adapter ready for use. 3. n. A choice that leads to a window in which users can select the object they want to open.
open source adj. Pertaining to software source code that is available to the general public and does not have licensing restrictions that limit use, modification, or redistribution.
open switch n. An unresolved issue.
open system n. A system whose characteristics comply with standards made available throughout the industry and that therefore can be connected to other systems complying with the same standards.
Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) [1] 1. n. The interconnection of open systems in accordance with standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for the exchange of information.
Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) [2] 2. n. The use of standardized procedures to enable the interconnection of data processing systems. OSI architecture establishes a framework for coordinating the development of current and future standards for the interconnection of computer systems. Network functions are divided into seven layers. Each layer represents a group of related data processing and communication functions that can be carried out in a standard way to support different applications.
open the kimono v. Revealing everything (or many guarded details) to someone.
Operating System/Virtual Storage (OS/VS) n. A family of operating systems that control IBM System/360 and System/370 computing systems. OS/VS includes VS1, VS2, MVS/370, and MVS/XA.
operator n. A person or a program that manages activities that are controlled by a specific computer program.
operator information area (OIA) n. The area near the bottom of the display area where terminal or system status information is displayed.
opportunity 1. n. A menial task or difficult assignment that a manager wants accomplished (as in: "I have an opportunity for you."). 2. n. Problem (as in: "We don't have problems, we have opportunities.").
optical reflective disc n. An optical videodisc that is read by means of the reflection of a laser beam from the shiny surface on the disc.
Orchard, The n. The former corporate headquarters in Armonk, New York (the address of which was Old Orchard Road), built on the site of an apple orchard.
original equipment manufacturer (OEM) n. A manufacturer of equipment that may be marketed by another manufacturer.
OS/2 n. The IBM operating system for personal computers.
OS/390 n. The IBM operating system that includes and integrates functions previously provided by many IBM software products (including the MVS operating system) and (a) is an open, secure operating system for the IBM S/390 family of enterprise servers, (b) complies with industry standards, (c) is Year 2000 ready and enabled for network computing and e-business, and (d) supports technology advances in networking server capability, parallel processing, and object-oriented programming.
OS/400 n. The IBM operating system for the AS/400 system.
outbound adj. In communication, pertaining to data that is sent to the network.
overlay n. A collection of predefined data, such as lines, shading, text, boxes, or logos, that can be merged with variable data on a page while printing.
own v. To have responsibility for a product, project, process or data.
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