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Cross References
GA ("gee-ay") n. General Availability. The time at which product is available to anyone who wishes to buy it.
garbage collection n. The process of identifying unused areas of main storage.
general help n. A choice that gives a user a brief overview of each action or task, or both, that a user can perform within a window.
generation n. The process of assembling and link editing definition statements so that resources can be identified to all the necessary programs in a network.
gigabit (Gb) 1. n. For processor storage, real and virtual storage, and channel volume, 230 or 1 073 741 824 bits. 2. n. For disk storage capacity and communications volume, 1 000 000 000 bits.
gigabyte (GB) 1. n. For processor storage, real and virtual storage, and channel volume, 230 or 1 073 741 824 bytes. 2. n. For disk storage capacity and communications volume, 1 000 000 000 bytes.
glass house n. Term once applied to a large data processing center. Such a facility is now sometimes called a "server farm.").
glyph n. An image, usually of a character, in a font.
GMT See Greenwich mean time.
golden diskette n. The release version of a PC software package. Also known as golden code.
golf ball n. The removable typing element used in the IBM Selectric typewriter.
Gopher n. A protocol that provides a menu-driven interface for accessing files and information on other computers over the Internet. Gopher was developed at the University of Minnesota; the name "Gopher" originates from the Minnesota school mascot, which is the Golden Gopher.
graphical interchange format (GIF) n. A digital format that is used to compress and transfer graphical information over computer networks. For example, GIF is a common format for graphical information on the Internet.
graphical user interface (GUI) n. A type of computer interface consisting of a visual metaphor of a real-world scene, often of a desktop. Within that scene are icons, representing actual objects, that the user can access and manipulate with a pointing device.
Greenwich mean time (GMT) n. The mean solar time at the prime meridian (0 degrees longitude) of Greenwich, England. Greenwich mean time is sometimes called Z time or Zulu time. Although Greenwich mean time and coordinated universal time are sometimes used interchangeably, they are not synonyms. Greenwich mean time is an approximate time. Because the second is no longer defined in terms of astronomical phenomena, the preferred name for this time scale is coordinated universal time (UTC).
groupware n. Software that enables messaging and collaborative work among people.
GUI See graphical user interface.
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