Thomas Watson, Jr.

Speaks about IBM's commitment to service - Transcript

"I think that you have to have more than just a machine. Other people could build the hardware, I knew that -- properly financed, properly led and driven, with sufficient ambition to get where they wanted to go … they could build the hardware. But that idea of service was so ingrained in every one of us that there wasn't any of us who wouldn't jump out of bed to go try and pacify a customer or get out a payroll account or anything else. As you get old you tend to take everybody's good ideas that they whisper to you and think that you concocted it yourself. But whoever's idea it was, it was a great ad. It was a full-page ad in most newspapers in America and it just said: 'IBM Means Service' -- hopefully cutting-edge equipment, hopefully all sorts of pioneering efforts, hopefully Nobel Prizes. But the service is something that most companies forget."