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Introduction to today's IBM

Overview and fast facts on today's IBM

Overview of IBM's business model

Provides information regarding IBM's commitment to diversity

Provides a timeline of IBM's commitment to diversity over time

Information on IBM policy, products and developments in the field of environmental affairs

Biographies and photos of top IBM executives

Informational resources about today's IBM.

Current and past issues of this leading IBM technical publication

IBM Haifa Research Laboratory project

Current IBM images

Information about IBM's current product offerings

Recaps the history and technological achievements of IBM Research

Past issues of this now defunct publication.

Several main glossaries for IBM products collected in one convenient location

Other Computer History Resources

Resources on evolution of computing

Online exhibits on computer history topics

Links to various resources on computer history

Leading science and technology repository

Highly interactive museum

Volunteers restoring computers to working order

United States government records on IBM and government use of IBM equipment and services

Information on the history of the computer industry