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Celebration of Service

As IBM celebrates a century of social engagement, we invite you to join the global community of IBMers who help their communities work better.

IBM Celebration of Service Grants

To support the Celebration of Service, IBM provided $12 million in grants during 2011 to the schools and not-for-profit organizations where IBMers volunteer.

Celebration of Service Grants expanded IBM's existing Community Grants program, as well as adding two new grant opportunities for the IBM Centennial. The grants honor IBMers' dedication to community service, with a particular focus on projects that apply innovation and professional skills to improving the communities where we live and work.

11 winners up to $100,000 awarded per grant

Centennial Grants support projects that apply IBM's smarter planet strategies to community service, and can become a model for similar volunteer engagements elsewhere. IBM has awarded 11 Centennial Grants of up to $100,000 each, totaling nearly $1 million worldwide. The grants will fund innovative projects developed by IBM volunteers in areas such as healthcare, energy conservation and food safety.

100 winners up to $10,000 awarded per grant

Catalyst Grants supported projects that apply IBMers' professional skills to volunteer projects with schools or community organizations, or demonstrate a connection to a local, sustainable issue. IBM awarded 100 Catalyst Grants of $10,000 worldwide.

Community Grants is an ongoing program that provides cash or IBM products to eligible community organizations and schools where IBM employees and retirees are actively volunteering, and in support of specific projects. During 2011, IBM expanded the Community Grants program to include grants of up to $5,000.