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Lectures and Colloquia

The Future of Healthcare

IBM Research - Haifa

Few areas of health and medicine have gone untouched by the technology, research, and innovation generated by IBM over the past century. From the first continuous blood separator which led to treatment for leukemia patients, the first heart lung machine to keep patients alive during surgery, the excimer laser used in LASIK eye surgery, to technologies of the future that will one day allow nano-sized particles to enter the bloodstream and fight drug-resistant infections, IBM touches more points in healthcare than anyone else.

On Monday November 14, 2011 IBM Research – Haifa brought together thought leaders and senior practitioners from the Israeli healthcare community and abroad to take a closer look at medical technology and identify the issues that will drive this exciting area forward. Hosted by IBM Research – Haifa Director Oded Cohn, the “The Future of Healthcare” colloquium was the final event in the 2011 IBM Research Colloquia, one of several special events marking IBM’s Centennial. The IBM Research Colloquia convened the world’s foremost experts for a series of talks on topics of vital interest to business and society in the spirit of sharing ideas and fostering collaboration across traditional sectors.

Watch replays of each part of the colloquium, as IBM, academic, and industry experts discuss the future of healthcare.