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Icons of Progress

Smarter Planet

The 2008 launch of Smarter Planet was not merely the announcement of a new strategy, but an assertion of a new worldview that grew from IBM’s understanding of how the world had changed in fundamental ways over the previous decade.

The rise of the Internet had birthed technology-driven enterprise needs and cultivated a truly global workforce. Pervasive computational capabilities in everything from phones and refrigerators, to bridges and rivers had spawned an “Internet of things.” The resulting world was one interconnected system of systems. By enabling instrumentation, interconnectedness and intelligence, Smarter Planet solutions could bring greater productivity, efficiency and responsiveness to these myriad diverse systems, comprising every aspect of our modern society.

Smarter retail for smarter consumers

Retailers today can tap into the power of sophisticated business analytics to help understand customer preferences, tailor promotions, deliver information that is timely and relevant, and create a seamless customer experience. By employing smarter merchandising and supply networks that minimize excess inventory and missed sales through transaction-driven, real-time analysis, retailers can provide this higher level of service while potentially realizing greater profits.

Education goes to school

Through recent advances in education technology—cloud computing, open source systems, virtualization and analytics—education systems have the opportunity to refresh outdated infrastructures with new functionality.

Intelligent marketing at First Tennessee Bank

Banks today offer a more diverse portfolio of services than ever before, spreading those services across an equally diverse range of channels. To get the most out of their marketing dollars, banks like First Tennessee are using predictive analytics. By combining an understanding of customer needs by segment with real profit and loss statement (P&L) data, First Tennessee was able to identify the most profitable campaigns, shaving 20 percent off its key marketing costs.

The Smarter Cities Challenge

A Smarter Cities framework brings together infrastructure, human services and city management solutions to help power instrumented, interconnected and intelligent metropolises. In 2010, IBM reinforced its assistance to cities by launching the Smarter Cities Challenge, a competitive grant program that will award up to US$50 million in technology and services to help make selected cities throughout the world more vibrant and livable for their citizens. The 24 cities receiving 2011 grants span five continents, and include Tshwane-Pretoria, South Africa; Delhi, India; Sapporo, Japan; Bucharest, Romania; and Townsville, Australia.