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Icons of Progress

The PC

Personal Computing Comes of Age

In the last 100 years, countless IBMers have contributed to the innovations and milestones that comprise our century of progress. Below are some reflections from the great minds involved in this Icon of Progress.

Less than four months after IBM introduced the PC, Time Magazine named the computer… “Machine of the Year” in its annual “Man of the Year” issue. The IBM PC was a runaway success, but not because the PC was a cutting edge product, as it wasn't. What created all the interest was that it was built by IBM. A catch phrase in the industry was "Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM." The original PC led to many standards still found in fairly modern PCs, such as the ISA bus. A standard 8 bit card from a 25-year-old IBM PC can be put into many Intel Pentium ® computers running at 2-3 GHz and it will work fine.