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Icons of Progress


The Era of Open Innovation

Since its inception, Linux has been the embodiment of reinvention. Reinventing computing. Reinventing collaboration. Reinventing itself. What started as a collaboration among a handful of hackers has grown over the years into a multibillion-dollar industry and a pervasive technology. However, despite its popularity, maturity or professional status, Linux will continue to exist in a state of constant motion and constant improvement. And that is the definition of open source.

IBM and Linux

IBM devotes considerable research and programming resources to Linux development. The work of IBM developers represents the third highest number of commercial contributors to development of the Linux kernel code. IBMers actively participate in more than 150 open-source projects. For more than a decade, IBM has offered remote support of Linux environments on both IBM and non-IBM platforms. The company has also integrated Linux into its mainframe computers and software.