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Icons of Progress

The IBM 700 Series

Computing Comes to Business

The IBM ® 701 was a landmark product for the company and the world. It was IBM’s first commercially available scientific computer, and its first large-scale electronic computer manufactured in quantity. Previously, the company’s large-scale systems were designed for use by specific companies or organizations, and manufactured individually.

Developed and produced in record time—less than two years from “first pencil on paper” to installation—the IBM 701 was the first of the pioneering line of IBM 700 series computers that would revitalize the company and bring electronic computing to the world. IBM initially had ten confirmed orders for the IBM 701 in May 1952, and ended up manufacturing and installing a total of nineteen units from 1952 through 1955.

IBM 7080

The IBM 7080 was introduced in 1961. This was a transistorized version of the IBM 705, and it was developed to be completely backward compatible with the IBM 705 machines.