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Icons of Progress

Excimer Laser Surgery

The excimer laser has been in use for nearly four decades. Its refractive eye surgery application remains one of the world’s most popular elective surgical treatments. And its uses in multiple industries continue to impact society and culture in many countries around the globe.

LASIK on the Silver Screen

The Final Destination series of horror movies is based on the belief that you can’t cheat death. The fifth in the series, written by screenplay writer Eric Heisserer, who is known for a reinterpretation of Nightmare on Elm Street. While the plot is being kept secret until its August 2011 release, one scene of this 3D film has been revealed: a character in the movie will undergo laser eye surgery—inspired by the writer’s own experience.

LASIK on reality TV

On the television series Extreme Makeover, which aired in the United States on ABC from 2002 to 2007 and inspired versions in 30 other countries, ordinary people received extraordinary makeovers, including new hairstyles and wardrobes, as well as exercise regimens and even plastic surgery. Dr. Robert Maloney frequently appeared on the show to perform LASIK eye surgery on participants to further change their look by eliminating their dependence on eyeglasses or contacts.