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Icons of Progress

Blue Gene

In the past, increases in the performance and speed of a supercomputer meant increases in space requirements and energy consumption as well. Then came the IBM ® Blue Gene/L ® supercomputer, a compact machine that offered unprecedented performance in an energy efficient design.

Since its introduction in 2004, the Blue Gene line of supercomputers has become pervasive, impacting numerous industries and diverse projects. Its speed and expandability have enabled business and science to address a wide range of complex problems and make more informed decisions—not just in the life sciences, but also in astronomy, climate, simulations, modeling and many other areas. Blue Gene systems have helped map the human genome, investigated medical therapies, simulated radioactive decay, replicated brain power, flown airplanes, pinpointed tumors, predicted climate trends and identified fossil fuels—all for less time and money than would have been required to physically complete these tasks.