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Icons of Progress

The Apollo Missions


The Apollo 11 lunar landing was an international spectacle. Millions tuned in to watch the events unfold on television. At the time, the world was abuzz with talk of landing on the Moon and the possibilities of space travel. Today, the Apollo 11 mission is ingrained in humankind’s collective memory and an unforgettable moment in the world’s culture. It was, and forever will be, a testament to what can be achieved through science, engineering and a will to achieve the impossible.

NASA Letter head addressed to Mr. Thomas J. Watson, Chairman of the board

A very important congratulations

On August 8, 1969, George Mueller, associate administrator for NASA’s Office of Manned Space Flight, sent T. J. Watson Jr. a note congratulating IBMers for their efforts that helped put a person on the Moon. In it, Mueller expresses his gratitude for IBM’s dedication, perseverance and vision.