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IBM Hong Kong celebrates its 25th anniversary IBM Australia observes its 50th anniversary, and IBM Hong Kong celebrates its 25th anniversary.

IBM markets its first two industrial robotic systems IBM markets its first two industrial robotic systems - 7565 and 7535 manufacturing systems - which can be programmed with IBM-developed AML, the world's most advanced commercially available robotic control language.

New business organizations, called Independent Business Units, are formed to take advantage of new business growth areas, such as telecommunications and industrial automation.

IBM announces the IBM 3084, the company's top-of-the-line computer, with four central processing units offering up to 64 million characters of main memory and 48 channels; and the 3083 model Groups E, B and J, using the industry's densest logic circuit packaging.

Also introduced in 1982 are the 3800 Printing Subsystem, Model 3; the IBM Personal Typewriter; Scanmaster I, for storing and retrieving image documents from a host computer; and the 6361 Fastdraft System, a low-cost drafting system using a light pen and a CRT screen.

The IBM Credit Corporation introduces term lease financing to U.S. customers.

IBM researchers develop a display terminal with audio output for sight-impaired operators.

IBM enters an agreement to purchase a minority interest in the Intel Corporation.

IBM contributes $80 million in cash grants, equipment and other support to social, educational and cultural programs worldwide.

Thirteen major job training centers open in the United States for the economically disadvantaged, bringing the total of such IBM-supported centers to 21.








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Net earnings

$4.40 B
+ 22 %