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2991 Blood Cell Processor IBM announces the System /370 Models 125, 158 and 168; the Mag Card "Executive" Typewriter; the IBM Copier II; and the 2991 Blood Cell Processor.

Skylab IBM's lunar orbital experiments team receives a NASA award for outstanding contributions to lunar science during Apollo 15. IBM Skylab units are accepted by NASA for mission use in 1973. Apollo 16 and Apollo 17, the final missions in the Moon-landing series, are supported by IBM personnel and products.

Chairman T. Vincent Learson retires, and Frank T. Cary becomes chairman of the board.

New peripheral products introduced in 1972 include the 3881 optical mark reader; the 2922 programmable terminal; the 3780 data communications terminal; the 2984 cash dispensing terminal; and the 3886 optical character reader.

More than 200,000 customers and customer executives attend IBM classes throughout the United States.

IBM receives patent on simple way of sensing magnetic bubbles - an experimental approach for storing and processing vast amounts of data.

Construction is completed on new headquarters buildings for IBM West Germany and IBM Mexico.

IBM receives Business Week award for business citizenship for its Bedford-Stuyvesant manufacturing plant in Brooklyn, New York.








$9.53 B
+ 15 %

Net earnings

$1.27 B
+ 19 %