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IBM Stockholders meeting in 1969 IBM gross income grows to $7.19 billion and net earnings increase to $934 million. IBM has 258,662 employees and 549,463 stockholders.

IBM computers and personnel help NASA put the first men on the Moon IBM computers and personnel help NASA put the first men on the Moon. An onboard computer in the Orbiting Astronomical Observatory II operates for a full year.

The General Systems Division is formed to develop and manufacture low-cost data processing equipment and provide related programming systems support.

IBM adopts a new marketing policy that charges separately for most systems engineering activities, future computer programs, and customer education courses. This "unbundling" gives rise to a multibillion-dollar software and services industry.

IBM announces the IBM System/3 for small businesses, the first IBM system to use Monolithic System Technology (MST) logic circuits and feature a new, smaller punched card (the first major innovation to punched cards since the 80-column "IBM Card" was introduced in 1928); the 2770 Data Communication System and the 2790 Data Communication System; and the Mag Card "Selectric" Typewriter.

IBM scientists develop experimental devices using laser beams to store huge amounts of information, as well as techniques for word recognition, speaker identification and advanced audio response.








$7.19 B
+ 5 %

Net earnings

$934 M
+ 7 %