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Robert H. Dennard IBM researcher Robert H. Dennard invents
Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) cells, one-transistor memory cells that store each single bit of information as an electrical charge in an electronic circuit. The technology permits major increases in memory density, and is widely adopted throughout the industry where it remains in widespread use today.

IBM Plant in Vimercate, Italy IBM World Trade dedicates a plant in Vimercate, Italy, and a laboratory at Lidingo, Sweden; completes a new manufacturing facility in Mainz, West Germany; and announces plans to build a second manufacturing plant at Havant, England.

A Corporate Office is established to conduct the overall affairs of the corporation.

IBM announces the "Electric" Composer and Magnetic Tape "Electric" Composer for cold-type composition; the model 1287 optical reader; the 9370 document reproducer; the IBM 1500, the first system specifically designed for computer-assisted instruction; IMPACT, a set of computer programs for inventory control of retail operations; and System/4 Pi, a special family of aircraft and space computers.

IBM computers process some 19 million Medicare identification cards for the Social Security Administration.

Federal Systems Division personnel move into a new facility near Gaithersburg, Maryland. The Office Products Division announces a plant and engineering complex at Austin, Texas.

IBM announces a new employee benefit, the Family Surgical Plan, and a new special care program to assist employees with handicapped children.








$4.24 B
+ 19 %

Net earnings

$526 M
+ 10 %