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IBM System/360 In the most important product announcement in company history to date, IBM introduces the IBM System/360 - a new concept in computers which creates a "family" of small to large computers incorporating IBM-designed Solid Logic Technology (SLT) microelectronics and uses the same programming instructions. The concept of a compatible "family" of computers transforms the industry.

Armonk Headquarters IBM moves its corporate headquarters from New York City to Armonk, New York.

IBM acquires a new subsidiary, Science Research Associates Inc., a Chicago publisher of education, test and guidance materials.

IBM introduces the IBM Magnetic Tape Selectric Typewriter, a product which pioneered the application of magnetic recording devices to typewriting, and gave rise to the concept known today as word processing. Referred to as "power typing," the feature of revising stored text improved office efficiency by allowing typists to type at "rough draft" speed without the pressure of worrying about mistakes.

IBM computers help speed the processing and transmission of event results at the Winter and Summer Olympic Games.

IBM scientists develop an experimental device that can electronically position in millionths of a second a laser light beam carrying written and pictorial information; a solid state optical scanning device that converts images into electrical signals; a laser transmitter that sends voice and other signals great distances over laser light beams.

New plants are completed at Huntsville, Alabama, and East Fishkill, New York.

IBM Day at the New York World's Fair features former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower as a speaker. Chairman Thomas J. Watson, Jr., receives the Medal of Freedom, the highest civil honor a U.S. President can bestow.

IBM forms the new Field Engineering Division, and the Electric Typewriter Division becomes the Office Products Division.








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