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Selectric Typewriter IBM introduces the "Selectric" Typewriter, an electric typewriter which uses a replaceable golf ball-shaped typing element rather than type bars or movable carriages. The Selectric becomes a popular piece of office equipment because of its ease in changing fonts and because it was available in a variety of colors.

Thomas J. Watson Research Center The Thomas J. Watson Research Center, headquarters for IBM's Research Division, opens in Yorktown Heights, New York. IBM holds its annual meeting there.

Thomas J. Watson, Jr., is elected chairman of the board; Albert L. Williams becomes president.

The Components Division is formed to handle development, manufacture and purchase of solid-state components used in production of IBM data processing equipment.

IBM introduces the "Executary" PBX dictation system and portable dictating unit; the 1710 control system; the Hypertape system; and the IBM 1301 disk storage.

IBM's nondiscrimination policy is expanded to include sex, national origin, and age.








$2.2 B
+ 22 %

Net earnings

$254 M
+ 24 %