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Watson in office

Stretch computing system, the most powerful computer of its day IBM introduces the Stretch computing system, the most powerful computer of its day, which pioneered such advanced systems concepts as lookahead, pipelining, the transistor and the byte. The company also introduces the solid-state 7000 series computers, replacing the 700 series of vacuum-tube machines.

The 305 RAMAC scores the 1960 Winter Olympic Games The 305 RAMAC scores the Winter Olympic Games in California, marking the beginning of four decades of IBM technical support for the Olympic Games. The RAMAC also tallies votes at both U.S. political conventions, and processes presidential election returns.

IBM computers provide data for launching and tracking Project Echo, the U. S. pioneering experiment in space communications. The IBM-developed Mark II language translator translates Russian into English. The Systems Research Institute opens as first graduate-level school in computer industry to educate people for advanced work in data processing systems engineering.

IBM begins donations to the National Scholarship Fund for black students.








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