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Watson in office

IBM 608 transistor calculator IBM introduces the IBM 608 transistor calculator, the first all solid-state computing machine commercially marketed. The 608 paved the way for more powerful transistorized computers, and marked IBM's new computing design direction, which was formalized in a 1957 policy statement: "It shall be the policy of IBM to use solid-state circuitry in all machine developments. Furthermore, no new commercial machines or devices shall be announced which make primary use of tube circuitry."

Magnetic Core Storage Units IBM engineers jointly develop magnetic core storage units, a dramatic improvement over cathode ray tube memory technology. IBM greatly improved the manufacture of these tiny, "doughnut" shaped, iron oxide cores by successfully adapting pill-making machines for production, making the cores reliable and cost effective enough to serve as the basic technology behind every computer's main memory until the early 1970s.

IBM announces the 858 Cardatype accounting machines, a series of high-speed printers.






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Net earnings

$73 M
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