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603 Electronic MultiplierIBM announces the 603 Electronic Multiplier, the first commercial product to incorporate electronic arithmetic circuits. The 603 used vacuum tubes to perform multiplication far more rapidly than earlier electromechanical devices. It had begun its development as part of a program to make a "super calculator" that would perform faster than 1944's ASCC by using electronics.

IBM introduces an electric Chinese ideographic character typewriter IBM introduces an electric Chinese ideographic character typewriter, which allowed an experienced user to type at a rate of 40 to 45 Chinese words a minute. The machine utilizes a cylinder on which 5,400 ideographic type faces are engraved.

Thomas J. Watson, Jr., is elected to the Board of Directors.

The IBM Wireless Translator System is introduced, featuring a lightweight wireless receiver set that gave the wearer freedom to move about; also introduced is the End-Printing Reproducer.

A Hospitalization Plan for employees is implemented. IBM manufactures pocket-sized Braille writing devices. Family Dinners are initiated to give recognition to employees and spouses. The company hires its first black salesman, 18 years before the Civil Rights Act of 1964.






$116 M
+ 16 %

Net earnings

$19 M
+ 73 %