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Numeric Printing TabulatorThe IBM Type 285 Numeric Printing Tabulator -- capable of tabulating 150 cards per minute -- is introduced. Also released is the first Alphabetical Printing Punch.

Five Steps to Knowledge carved into the front entrance of IBM Schoolhouse and Engineering Laboratory building The IBM Schoolhouse and Engineering Laboratory Building is dedicated at Endicott, New York. The schoolhouse featured Thomas J. Watson, Sr.'s famous "Five Steps to Knowledge" carved into its front entrance: "Read, Listen, Discuss, Observe, Think."

IBM acquires Electromatic Typewriters, Inc., of Rochester, New York. The acquisition not only allowed IBM to enter the typewriter business, it also provided the company with additional technical expertise that could be applied to its tabulator printers. IBM inventors foresaw this crossover application of typewriter technology as early as 1928.

IBM is reorganized. The Tabulating Machine Company, International Time Recording Company, Dayton Scale Company, Ticketograph Company and International Scale Company become IBM divisions.

The development of the Carroll Carriage improves alphabetical accounting machines by automatic handling of special forms and variable line spacing.






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