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At a retirement dinner in late November 1973, Tom Watson, Jr., offered these comments on four of his key associates in IBM:

Louis H. LaMotte
Red LaMotte was in charge of the Washington office for a long time, and he created a happy, dedicated team. There was no one in the company who was more approachable or better liked. Red taught me a lot about morale building, and he helped me understand how to get more enjoyment out of my business life.

T. Vincent Learson
From Vin Learson, I learned that if you really tried hard enough you could accomplish almost anything. Vin got those first computers of ours working and in the customers' offices. Most important of all, this meant that the customers began to pay the bills so we were able to build others.

Arthur K. Watson
One day my father said, "World Trade will be a bigger operation than the U.S." I just couldn't believe it. But today [1973] it happens to be making more profit than the U.S. company and it is growing ahead of the corporation. I owe my brother, Dick, thanks for many things -- but particularly for the income that World Trade produces.

A. L. Williams
I've had a wonderful relationship with Al Williams. Outside my own family, I've gotten more good advice, friendship, backing, and assistance from him than any other individual in the world. I don't think the IBM Company would be nearly the company it is without the contributions of Al Williams.

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