Vintage views of products

Dayton meat choppers

Hollerith tabulator & sorter

Punched card machines

First computing scale

IBM 29 card punch

IBM 40 tape controlled card punch

Type 070 vertical sorters

IBM 77 electric punched card collator

IBM 85 collator

IBM 285 electric accounting machine

IBM 405 electric punched card accounting machine

IBM 407 accounting machine

IBM 523 gang summary punch

IBM 603 electronic multiplier

IBM 608 calculator

IBM 610 Auto-Point Computer

IBM 803 proof machine

IBM 1710 industrial control system

IBM 1800 data acquisition and control system

IBM 3663 supermarket terminal

IBM 7090 & the moon


Card-Programmed Calculator

IBM Model 01 electric typewriter

IBM Executary Model 212

Model A Standard Electric Typewriter


RS/6000 SP

IBM Selectric typewriter

Selectric typing element

IBM Series/1


System/360 installation

System/360 testing


Views of other IBM products are provided elsewhere in our online exhibits. For convenient links to those images, please use the consolidated listing on this page.