Vintage views of IBM facilities

U.S. facilities

World Headquarters, N.Y. City

310 Fifth Ave., N.Y. City

1133 Westchester, White Plains

Washington branch office

Tabulating Machine Co. plant

Boca Raton

Dayton scale factory

Endicott card manufacturing

Endicott schoolhouse

North Street, Endicott

Poughkeepsie in 1944

Poughkeepsie in 1948

Thomas J. Watson Research Center

Chicago branch office in 1932

IBM Plaza in Chicago

Armonk dedication in 1964

International facilities

Amsterdam plant

Argentina headquarters

Fujisawa plant

Germany headquarters

Singapore headquarters

Thailand headquarters

Toronto plant in 1920

Turkey headquarters

Views of other IBM facilities are provided elsewhere in our online exhibits. For convenient links to those images, please use the consolidated listing below.