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IBM Tucson.
Fast forward 25 years from the official dedication ceremony in 1980 to the first decade of the 21st century, and IBM Tucson's profile today both resembles what it was a quarter-century ago and differs somewhat from it. The facility still develops all of IBM's storage products but it now has other IBM organizations in residence (the General Products Division was phased out in 1990). Among the site's more than 2,000 IBMers are employees from:

IBM Systems and Technology Group

IBM Software Group

IBM Global Services

In addition, IBM Tucson is home to one of two IBM TotalStorage briefing centers in the Americas, and IBM is the managing operator for the site's University of Arizona Technology Park.

Key products in IBM Tucson's current line up include:

IBMers at the site received 95 patents in 2004 in such fields as disaster recovery technology, data storage optimization, data consolidation and server/storage communication technology.