The following are text extracts from the IBM "Tucson Dedication 1980" booklet.

The purpose of this site may be expressed in a word: products -- their development, testing and manufacture.

Forming the first, crucial link . . . is the GPD [General Products Division] Tucson development laboratory. In addition to being the center for development of magnetic media for the Corporation, the laboratory is responsible for product definition, product development and product management of magnetic tape subsystems, library storage systems and nonimpact computer printers. Also, the lab develops programming to support its various products.

It's the job of the Tucson test laboratory to ensure that products developed here measure up to IBM standards. This independent organization, which reports directly to Division Headquarters [in San Jose], is, in effect, the first customer for all Tucson-developed GPD products. It evaluates products at all stages of their evolution to make sure they meet rigorous design and performance requirements.

The third role of the Tucson site is product manufacturing. The manufacturing organization's responsibilities cover a broad range of the GPD product spectrum, including magnetic tape subsystems, disk storage devices, nonimpact computer printers, library storage systems and an extensive array of subassemblies used in these products.

Other IBM units on the site play important roles. One such unit is the Tucson service planning group of IBM's Field Engineering Division. FE's service planning group at Tucson is an important link with customers who use the products we develop and build. Members of the group undertake planning for the proper servicing of those products, and estimate associated costs. They also assist the development laboratory with tools, test equipment and installation support.

Another key group is the resident World Trade organization. This group links GPD Tucson development and manufacturing activities with those being carried out by sites overseas. Shared technological and production responsibilities form the basis for "sister" site relationships. GPD Tucson's international siblings include such IBM locations as Fujisawa (Japan), Jarfalla (Sweden), Valencia (Spain), Havant (U.K.) and Montpellier (France). The presence of World Trade employees here enriches the work environment with a refreshing international atmosphere.