IBM's manufacturing and use of the system

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Using the system

IBM not only manufactured the System/7 for customers but also used the computer in various applications throughout the company. The following are excerpts from an article describing some of those operations that was published in the October 25, 1972, General Systems Division (GSD) edition of IBM News.

A laser dicer at Manassas [Va.], a plastic press at Rochester [Minn.], an access system at Boca Raton [Fla.] and an environmental monitoring system at East Fishkill [N.Y.] have one thing in common -- an IBM System/7.

Each of these operations, and several others within IBM, are controlled by a System/7 as part of an expanding program to develop and demonstrate varied uses for the sensor-based computer which was developed and is manufactured at GSD Boca Raton.

Several applications -- including the laser operation at Manassas, card rework at GSD Boca Raton and plastic injection molding at OPD [Office Products Division] Lexington [Ky.] -- were developed under GSD’s Manufacturing Application Research Systems (MARS) program.

The MARS program encourages application development by providing System/7s rent-free for six months to selected sites across IBM’s manufacturing and development divisions.

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