The IBM System/7 was a computing system designed to acquire physical data such as voltage, current, temperature, pressure and other measurements directly from instrumentation and devices. The system converted and analyzed the data to produce meaningful information that was communicated to operational personnel or other computers. Control could then be exercised, where required, over the physical process to which the System/7 was attached. The System/7 could also acquire and transmit data via inplant and remote multimedia data communication stations and asynchronous, synchronous and binary synchronous communication lines.

A standalone System/7 could be used for simple applications. More comprehensive applications or those requiring data integrated with a management information system could be handled by a multisystem arrangement of several System/7s working in concert with an IBM System/370, or by communicating with another System/7, IBM System/3, most models of the IBM System/360, IBM System/370, IBM 1130 and IBM 1800 systems.

The System/7, because of its modular design, could handle the far ranging variety of instrumentation signals generated by contemporary technology. Both monolithic and auxiliary storage were readily expandable. Sensor-based and data collection input/output facilities were extensive and flexible.

The System/7 was composed of a processor module, from one to eleven input/output modules, an operator station, and associated peripheral devices. The processor and I/O modules were housed in enclosures that provided self-contained power supplies and signal distribution.

IBM System/7's IBM 5010 Model A processor module (left) and IBM 5028 operator station (right).
IBM System/7’s IBM 5010 Model A
processor module (left) and IBM
5028 operator station (right).

IBM 5010 Processor Module, Models A, B and E

Asynchronous Communications Control Adapter (ACCA)

Binary Synchronous Communications Adapter (BSCA)

Cycle Steal Basic

IBM 5028 Operator Station

Provided a keyboard, printer, paper tape reader/punch. Each System/7 had to have access to a 5028 for maintenance.

IBM 5026 Enclosures

Input/Output Modules

Programming Support

Provided on the System/7 and the host computer, it included: