1. Oct. 28

    IBM announces System/7. The announcement includes IBM 5010 processor modules Models A2, A4, A6, A8, A10, A12, A14, A16, B2, B4, B6, B8, B12, B14 and B16; IBM 5014 analog input module Models B1 and C1; IBM 5026 enclosure modules Models A2, C3, C6, D3 and D6; IBM 5028 operator station Model 1; and IBM 5029 attach accessories.


  1. May 25

    IBM reports on the use of ultrasonic vibration to remove contaminants from circuit boards before they are installed in the System/7s being manufactured at the Boca Raton plant.

  1. July 14

    IBM announces major enhancements for System/7, including the IBM 5022 disk module for increased disk storage and IBM 7414 process operators console.

  1. Sept. 16

    The first System/7 is delivered (to American Motors Corporation in Kenosha, Wisc.). The System/7 will be used by the customer in production-line testing and the analysis of automotive exhaust emissions for pollution control. It was delivered two months ahead of schedule from the Boca Raton plant.


  1. Feb. 15

    IBM says that FORTRAN would be made available for the System/7. A new program, called System/7 FORTRAN IV Host Compiler and Library, runs on an IBM System/370 or System/360 serving as a host, or program preparation, computer. The host computer translates FORTRAN statements into an operational program for use on a System/7, allowing the high-level language to be used to write application programs for the small, sensor-based computer.

  1. July 24

    IBM announces the IBM 5012 System/7 multifunction module Model A1 and IBM 51013 System/7 digital input/output unit Model 1.


  1. February

    The Rochester plant is using a System/7 to automatically control the test punch unit of each IBM 3525 card punch it manufactures.

  1. March

    Boca Raton ships the first audio response custom unit produced for System/7.

    IBM and a customer share an Academy Award for technical achievement for a System/7-based technique for improving the reliability and efficiency of balancing color in films.

  1. May

    IBM signs a contract with AT&T for several hundred System/7s, the largest commercial order for data processing in IBM's history up to that time.

  1. July 31

    IBM announces a larger capacity model of the IBM System/7, along with enhanced communications and standalone programming capabilities, to broaden the scope of sensor-based applications. Included in the announcement are the IBM 5010 processor module Models D1, E1, E2, E16, E20, E24, E28, E32, E36, E40, E44, E48, E52, E56, E60 and E64.


  1. July

    Additional System/7 enhancements are announced.


  1. March 11

    Following a General Systems Division manufacturing realignment, the Boca Raton plant is to continue to manufacture the System/7, along with the IBM System/3, for customers in the United States and Canada. (By 1979, Boca is also producing the IBM Series/1 and IBM 3715 serial matrix printer).


  1. March 20

    The System/7 is withdrawn from marketing.