IBM's swing era oldies

IBM's swing era oldies : A sampling from the 1930s

It was an eventful decade. The 1930s began with a Great Depression and ended in a World War. Social Security was launched and Prohibition was repealed. Edward VIII abdicated the throne of England while Benny Goodman became the "King of Swing."

For IBM, such computing icons as the powerful Deep Blue supercomputer and the ubiquitous ThinkPad were still more than 50 years into the future. But even by 1930, IBM had already spent two decades in developing and marketing a series of innovative office machines and information-handling products built largely around punched card tabulating equipment, clocks and scales. In addition, the company sold an eclectic array of offerings that included everything from fire alarm systems and athletic event timers to microphones and test scoring machines.

Many of these products are little known today, even by current IBM employees. So why not take a moment now to travel back 70 years to get acquainted with just a few of IBM's "oldies but goodies" from the Big Band Swing Era.

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