The following is an excerpt from an undated IBM marketing brochure.

The IBM 3330

The IBM 3330 Disk Storage gives you more than any of its predecessors:

Whether you're using advanced operating techniques such as teleprocessing or are moving further into management information systems, the 3330 gives your system the required input/output power.

The 3330 subsystem consists of an IBM 3330 Disk Storage and an IBM 3830 Storage Control. It can have either two, four, six or eight drives, providing a maximum of 800-million bytes of on-line storage in each 3330 subsystem.

Highlights of the IBM 3330

Control Unit Retry enables the 3330 to recover many control unit and file errors without requiring error recovery programs.

Error Correction Coding circuitry in the control unit detects and corrects a burst of errors up to 11 bits in length on a single track.

The 3330's address plugs permit you to change a drive for in-line servicing or to overlap setup of new disk packs while processing continues on other 3330 drives.

Powered drawers and frontal pack-loading facilitate disk pack loading and unloading.

Comparisons With 2314A

3330 2314A
Capacity per facility (million bytes)
200 to 800
29 to 233
Average access time (milliseconds)
Average latency (milliseconds)
Data rate (bytes per second)

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