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IBM 3310 direct access storage

IBM 3310 Direct Access Storage

IBM 3310 Direct Access Storage

The IBM 3310 Direct Access Storage was a compact, economically priced, high-performance direct access storage device for use with the IBM 4331 Processor. The 3310 used a fixed media design. Heads, arms and the media were packaged in a fixed, sealed disk enclosure providing for increased data density. The sealed disk enclosure design assured a reduction in disk surface contamination and resulted in improved reliability. Operator involvement in auxiliary storage management was eliminated.


Average seek time (ins) 27
Average latency (ins) 9.6
Data rate (MB/sec.) 1.031
Data blocks per drive 126,016
Bytes per block (sector) 512
Bytes per drive 64.5MB
Data blocks (sectors) per track 32