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The following is the text of an undated IBM marketing brochure.

Announcing the IBM 2314 Direct Access Storage Facility a new low-cost storage device offering System/360 users:

The new IBM 2314 Direct Access Storage Facility utilizes compact, lightweight disk packs with greatly increased storage capacity - more than 25 million bytes per pack - for your business or scientific data. For a specific job, you select the disk pack containing the information relating to that job. A quick change to another disk pack and you are ready to process an entirely different job. Change-over time? Approximately one minute.

Take a closer look at the features and advantages the IBM 2314 provides:

Greater storage capacity

The 2314 consists of eight independently operating drives housed in a single configuration... permitting direct access to more than 200 million bytes of information. Each new disk pack now consists of 11 disks with 18 recording surfaces to provide more than 25 million bytes of fast, on-line information. On large-scale System/360s, you can attach 2314 facilities to provide more than 9,900,000,000 bytes of on-line information.

Lower cost per character

More than 7,000 bytes of information - twice the previous amount - are packed into each disk track. This saving per bit stored becomes dramatically more substantial, because the increased recording surfaces on the new disk pack enable you to store nearly four times more data.

Doubled data rates

The 2314 transfers data at twice the rate - or better - achieved by the 2311 and 2302. This capability enables the 2314 to read and completely rewrite all information stored on a disk pack in about one minute, greatly increasing throughput for sequentially processed applications.

Virtually uninterrupted operation

A spare drive is packaged into the 2314 to assure full operating capacity at all times. When a drive becomes inoperative for any reason, such as preventive maintenance, the standby drive can be placed in operation promptly and easily.

Disk pack compatibility

All disk packs are removable and interchangeable between 2314s in the same system, or between 2314s attached to separate systems. Similarly, data written on one disk pack by a 2314 can be read by a second 2314, and then additional data can be written on the same disk by still another 2314.

Rapid random access

With the IBM 2314, you can call up any record for processing in milliseconds - a necessity for applications requiring frequent access to large quantities of stored data. You can interrogate the 2314 to find the status of any record in disk storage, and receive a printed answer from the system in only a few seconds.

Common storage control and programming support

The IBM 2314 utilizes a storage control similar to that which maximizes the functional capabilities of the 2311 and the 2321 Data Cell Drive. This permits a high degree of flexibility between the operations of these direct access storage devices, and simplifies file organization. In addition, all programming systems support available with the 2311 is also available with the 2314.

Wide range of applications

The IBM 2314 provides new economical approaches to the large-volume storage requirements of real-time, Tele-processing and time-shared systems. Applications requiring a combination of large data storage capacity and high performance random throughput, such as airline reservations and insurance policy maintenance, are ideal candidates for this powerful, low-cost storage device.

The IBM 2314 can be the economical solution to your need for fast, direct access to large volumes of information on either a sequential or random basis. The 2314 has a high potential for a variety of applications:




Federal Government


State and Local Government


Find out what greater storage capacity, an increased data rate, lower cost per character stored, and all the other advantages of the IBM 2314 can mean to you. Your local IBM salesman has all the details.

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