IBM special products (vol. 2)

They also served: An album of IBM special products (vol. 2)

Down through the decades IBM has achieved technological success and earned wide customer acceptance with such offerings as the IBM 1401 Data Processing System, System/360, IBM Personal Computer, AS/400 midrange computer and System/390 large server.

Yet not every product brought to market by the company over the years has been a best seller -- sometimes intentionally so. From time to time, IBM has developed a variety of unique offerings that were intended in some cases to demonstrate the feasibility of an emerging technology or to meet the special needs of a very narrow marketplace. In other cases, later developments in IBM laboratories and within the industry supplanted these unique products with even better solutions.

The stories behind IBM's "special products" provide a novel perspective from which to view the history of information technology. Here now is another retrospective look -- the second in a series -- at some of those offerings.

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