Engineer in charge and project director
Byron L. Havens; responsible for the technical philosophy of the NORC design and the principal inventor of much of the NORC circuitry.

Assistant project leader
William J. Deerhake; engineer in charge of development and design of electrostatic storage.

Other principal engineers
Kenneth E. Schreiner; directed group which developed and designed the complex logic and control of NORC.
Charles E. Borders; engineer in charge of development and design of circuits and arithmetic.
Robert W. Schubert; engineer in charge of mechanical development and design.

Logical design group
L. D. Amdahl
J. P. Cedarholm
George Mitchell
H. R. Meadows

Electrostatic memory work & register display development
George Bland

Tape unit integration with NORC
N. F. Eichenberger
M. E. Femmer

Instruction system & programming organization
Joachim Jeenel

Power Supplies
R. I. Daehnke

R. A. Jensen; coordinated work on printer and Card-Tape-Card Machine between Endicott, Poughkeepsie and the Watson Lab

Design Manual
J. W. Toner; also handled indicator panel circuits

Pluggable units
B. M. Tobin; development of the automatic pluggable unit wiring tester

Mechanical design group
J. F. O'Toole
M. J. Kormanski
Bruce David

Supervision of wiring, layout & testing
K. A. Bell
J. T. Fernalld

High-speed tape units (Poughkeepsee)
B. E. Toben, supervision
H. W. Nordyke, Jr., supervision
W. A. Buslik, supervision
F. Hughes
T. Vincent
V. Witt
H. VanWinkle
P. Every
T. E. Burke
L. Blenderman

Card-Tape-Card Machine (Poughkeepsie)
James Weidenhammer, supervision
Robert Furr
R. Hagerman
E. Montrose
H. Schunk

Cover design (Endicott)
G. H. Kress, supervisor
C. Jawarski
W. Furlani
G. Fahringer
D. Hasbrook
J. Alden
W. R. French

Printer engineering (Endicott)
O. B. Shafer, supervision
W. Rowland
J. Schwartz
J. E. Dayger, supervision
J. M. Sarley
A. L. Poole
C. Southard