IBM Symphony

Description of the IBM Symphony

From a description by Mrs. Marie Osborne

The composer was Vittorio Giannini.

The piece is in one movement, subdivided into three parts, which follow each other without interruption.

I. Allegro

The Allegro expresses the unrest and confusion of the world today [1938]. The martial spirit is symbolized by trumpets sounding the call to arms. The Allegro reaches a climax and then softens gradually in an expression of the weariness of mankind.

II. Sostenuto

The Sostenuto depicts the exhortation of those who strive for peace and love amongst humanity. As the theme of this section, the composer uses the first six bars of the IBM song "Ever Onward," thus identifying the spirit of IBM with the world movement for international understanding.

III. Allegro Ritmico

The Allegro Ritmico begins with different rhythms in the violas, then the cellos, then the violins. This is descriptive of renewed activity in industry. Above these constant rhythms are heard the different anthems of the nations as they unite their common efforts for the prosperity and the betterment of mankind. Toward the end of the composition, the rhythms of industry acquire a joyous, triumphant tone; while the brass, playing in a broadened tempo, repeats "Ever Onward" which is now played in its entirety.